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What is the Innovation Engine?

The Innovation Engine is focused on healthcare innovation and transformation for Carolinas HealthCare System, with the goal of improving care for all.

The Innovation Engine has four areas of focus – or pistons:

Seek ideas: We proactively identify emerging opportunities and disruptive trends through research and strategic corporate relationships.

Consult: We serve as a design consultancy. We partner with operational owners to develop break-through human-centered solutions.

Commercialize: We help our system introduce new products or production methods into the market.

Build the Environment: We build innovation skills among our employees, and we connect with external strategic partners to create an innovation ecosystem that benefits all.

Our Methodology

Through human-centered design and other methodologies, the Innovation Engine focuses on what will create future value for the organization and our consumers:

  • Disruptive innovation: From helping develop new services for non-consumers of healthcare, to developing cost-efficient solutions to expand existing markets, Innovation Engine focuses on creating new business models to meet emerging consumer needs.
  • Design thinking sessions: Our human-centered design thinking approaches help participants and stakeholders identify better solutions to tough problems more quickly.
  • Intentional Serendipity: We take a focused, deliberate approach to learning from other leaders within and outside of our industry, creating the perfect environment for discoveries and breakthroughs.
  • Lean start-up: We incorporate lean start-up approaches, including the business model canvas and hypothesis testing to accelerate the innovation process.
  • Jobs to be done: Inspired by The Re-Wired Group’s approach to solving problems by understanding why a customer “hires” a particular product or service, we are able to get at the deepest consumer insights to create new offerings built around them.
  • Catalyst program: This program trains teammates the human-centered design process with the goal of exponentially increasing innovation understanding and methodologies throughout Carolinas HealthCare System – especially in places where the Innovation Engine isn’t.

Get Innovation Resources

Get access to our innovation resources, including our design thinking session guides and templates, jobs to be done guidebook and more.

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