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The coronavirus pandemic is new for everyone. As you navigate through the uncertainty, there are ways to share positivity and lift spirits of not just local healthcare professionals, but everyone in your community (including yourself).

Let your neighbors know what you’re doing, so they can help share positivity, too. Whether you try one of these ideas or something else, share your efforts on social media with #ThanksHealthHeroes and #AtriumHealthProud and invite your community to join.

Chalk Your Walk

Grab that sidewalk chalk, and put cheery images and inspirational quotes on your sidewalk and driveway. It’ll bring cheer to everyone passing by – and will feel good for you, too.

Light Up Your Home

Though many are at home right now, some, including healthcare professionals, are still heading in for shifts when it’s dark. Whether you hang holiday lights out front or shine a lamp in your window, you can bring a little light to their commute and show you’re thinking of them.

Tie a Ribbon to a Tree

Grab a ribbon or something similar in your house and tie it to a tree to let nearby healthcare professionals know you support them, and to remind your neighbors that we’re all in this together. Bonus points if it’s green – the color of health and harmony!

Stay Connected With Family and Friends

You might be staying in more, but it’s still important to stay in touch. Talking to family and friends can help you stay positive and improve mental health, so connect with loved ones as much as you can. You might just have to get creative with how you catch up, like having a coffee date over video chat.