Atrium Health has a comprehensive team that provides support to our robust Diversity & Inclusion program.

System Resource Groups

The mission of our System Resource Groups is to assist in the recruitment, retention, engagement and development of minority teammates while advancing the interest of group members and to contribute to their overall success and the success of Atrium Health. System Resource Groups at Atrium Health include:

  • EQualityOne – LGBTQ
  • Men’s Diversity Leadership Network
  • MultiCultural Physicians
  • One Team, One Mission – Active Duty Military/Veteran
  • UNIDOS – Latino/Hispanic
  • Women’s & Executive Leadership
  • Young Professionals

Atrium Health Diversity & Inclusion Council

The Atrium Health Diversity & Inclusion Council (CHSDIC) provides guidance and oversight to leverage and implement diversity best practices across the primary enterprise while assisting regional partners to assure progress toward achievement of aligned diversity objectives. The CHSDIC serves as diversity policy advisor to the executive leadership of Atrium Health. The Council establishes strategic direction and provides high-level advocacy to support implementation of the Atrium Health diversity agenda.

Physician Diversity Advisory Committee

Formed in 1998, the Physician Diversity Advisory Committee (PDAC) provides strategic diversity oversight and program development to support all physicians at Atrium Health. Developed initially to address physician concerns, increase qualified physician applicants and enhance physician engagement, the PDAC has evolved into a strategic partner to both physician leadership and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

Clinical Cultural Competence Council

The Clinical Cultural Competence Council (CCCC) facilitates the development of guiding strategy to integrate cultural competence into care delivery at Atrium Health. The CCCC highlights innovative, replicable, clinical approaches to care delivery, aimed at eliminating health outcome disparities and addressing the cultural and linguistic needs of our diverse patients.

HR Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group

The purpose of the HR Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group (HRIDIAG) is to support the diversity agenda for human resources staff within Atrium Health. This includes diversity education, coordination and sponsorship of cultural awareness and celebration events, and development of strategies that advance diversity in the workplace. The HRIDIAG serves as an advocate on behalf of human resources staff on diversity issues, and as a thought partner for team functions and teams charged with implementing diversity initiatives.

Atrium Health Medical Group Diversity Steering Committee

In addition to providing strategic direction and high-level advocacy, the Atrium Health Medical Group Diversity Steering Committee works to create a more inclusive environment for the physician workforce, with a specific focus on those who are racially and ethnically diverse.

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