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Atrium Health’s Innovation Engine publishes guides, templates and other educational resources to spread innovation best practices.

Design Thinking Session Book: Design Thinking Sessions are appropriate when teams want to invite diverse stakeholder to collaborate to create a novel solution. This step-by-step book outlines what to do before, during and after the session in order to accelerate the design thinking process. Plus, you can access additional tools to make your sessions even better. Download it for free now.

Intentional Serendipity Book: The Innovation Engine believes that when you take a focused, deliberate approach to learning from other organizations and industry leaders, you create the perfect environment for discoveries and breakthroughs. This book will help individuals and teams organize and facilitate these intentionally serendipitous conversations for success.

Teal Papers: The Innovation Engine Team conducts deep-dive research into emerging disruptive innovations and writes “Teal Papers” that identify and define the future role Atrium Health should play in that particular space. These papers outline the tactical steps required. Currently, these are available only to Atrium Health employees through PeopleConnect. 


A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation

E1: Is There Still a Travel Agency Industry?

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