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Better employee health means better organizational health and ultimately a better bottom line for a company. Carolinas HealthCare System HEALTHWORKS partners with employers and brokers to make this happen by enhancing wellness offerings while still controlling costs. We work with companies to create specialized, engaging and effective programs that inspire employee participation so both employees and employers benefit from healthier returns.

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How Cleveland County’s Dedication to Employee Wellness Yields Success

In 2012, HEALTHWORKS was selected to manage and administer Cleveland County’s wellness and health coaching programs. Read this case study to learn how Cleveland County was able to provide a long–term solution to develop and grow a strong corporate health program.

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HEALTHWORKS Client Success Story: Union Academy Wellness Services

Through customized workforce health programs, personalized service and simplified processes, see how a partnership with HEALTHWORKS helped Union Academy control its healthcare costs.

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Why Primary Care Providers Benefit Employers and Employees

Finding opportunities to make changes that have a large, positive effect on employee health is the name of the game when it comes to successful and effective health and wellness programs. Solutions that add value to health plans without substantial cost increases can be difficult to find, but they’re out there. One such opportunity lies in increasing employee access to primary care physicians through physician referral programs. Read More »


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Get updates and the latest news on better employee health and better bottom lines.

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Get updates and the latest news on better employee health and better bottom lines.

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Healthworks Overview

The HEALTHWORKS approach is simple: we gather information on what's driving your healthcare costs, analyze the data, and build customized solutions delivered when and where you need them.