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Keep Your Heart Strong for Those You Love

Taking care of what’s most important in life starts with a healthy heart. At Blue Ridge Cardiology,
 we provide the trusted heart care you need, right here in our community.

Take Our Heart Health Quiz

For those closest to your heart, it’s good to think about your risk factors for heart disease. Take this quiz to get started:

  1. Do you smoke?
  2. Are you overweight?
  3. Do you have high blood pressure?
  4. Do you have high cholesterol?
  5. Do you have a family history of heart disease?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to request an appointment with one of our cardiologists.

Why Blue Ridge Cardiology Is Right for You

From diagnosis to heart disease management, our team of board-certified cardiologists and nurse practitioners can provide heart care close to home. We’re proud to offer:

Appointments in less than
 48 hours

An experienced team, with doctors who are members of our community

The convenience of being close by, so you don’t have to travel far for exceptional care

Our services include:

  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of coronary artery disease
  • Cardiac catheterization and intervention
  • Echocardiography including ECG, stress ECG and echo
  • Screening, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of peripheral vascular disease (PVD)
  • Diagnosis and management of congestive heart failure
  • Management of abnormal heart rhythms
  • Evaluation and management of heart valve disease

Is Your Heart at Risk?

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