4 Tips for Finding Dog-Friendly Activities in the Greater Charlotte Area

After a long move and all that unpacking, nothing beats the company of your dog, except maybe meeting and hanging out with other dog lovers like you – and their dogs, too! There are many dog-friendly activities to explore in your new city.

Here are several ways you can include your furry companion and explore your new community while you get settled:

  1. Meet other dog lovers. Adjust to your new surroundings by visiting dog-friendly venues, where animal lovers and shared interests can spark friendships. Join a local dog-lovers’ Meetup group to find like-minded people who are just as crazy about their puppies as you are. It’s a great way for your dog – and for you – to get involved and make new friends.
  2. Get the guide, and stay active at the park. If you relish the simple joy of being out in public with your dog with plenty of room to exercise, picnic, relax or visit with other dog-lovers, you’re in luck! Opportunities to walk and run with your fine furry friend will be good for both of you. Our free Making Carolinas Home guide includes a list of local dog parks.
  3. Take your dog with you. Shopping. Baseball. Hotels. Bars. Bookstores. Believe it or not, you can add all of this and more to your out-with-doggie list. There are more than a few unexpected places to go in the greater Charlotte area with your dog.
  4. Attend a special event. Get dressed up with your pet and attend a charity ball! Show your pup’s team spirit at the Puppy Bowl and one of several year-round dog events in town.
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