6 Tips for Finding Healthy Activities in the Greater Charlotte Area

The greater Charlotte area is a popular and attractive place to live – and it’s no wonder. With a booming job market, mild climate, reasonable cost of living and plenty of fantastic options for living a healthy and active lifestyle, there’s a lot to love about living in Charlotte.

Here are six essential tips for settling in and getting your bearings, while having fun and staying active.

  1. Get outside, enjoy the music and feed your curiosity. If you love the great outdoors, the Charlotte area offers incredible hiking trails, many of which tour the world-famous Smoky Mountains. Music lovers enjoy their choice of live music at several iconic, state-of-the-art music venues. If you’re curious about science, civil rights, national defense or pop culture, the greater Charlotte area also offers a variety of intriguing museums.
  2. Break out the bicycle. Is there a sunny day in the forecast? Explore your new home from a unique perspective with a bike tour. It’s a great opportunity to learn from the locals and meet some new people, all while getting your daily dose of exercise and vitamin D.
  3. Pick up a healthy new hobby. Consider taking a cooking class at Central Piedmont Community College. Visit one of our plentiful farmers markets, and learn how healthier eating might be easier than you think. Moving to a new city is like an extra New Year’s Day. It’s the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start living that healthier lifestyle you’ve been thinking about.
  4. Pay it forward. Visit a local thrift store. Pass on useful items to those in need. You’ll feel better knowing that you’re keeping the things you really use and sharing the rest with people who can enjoy them, not to mention reducing your own stress and clutter.
  5. Reach out and get sociable. It’s okay to have time to yourself, but don’t underestimate how social interaction can improve your health. Seek out opportunities to meet others. Try a local Meetup group. Consider volunteering, and contribute to make a positive difference in your community. You’ll make new friends and be glad you did.
  6. Get the guide. Want more tips on things to do and see? Download Making Carolinas Home – our exclusive, free guide for people new to the area. It features even more tips and resources on the greater Charlotte area. We hope you’ll find it useful.
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Speaking of tips, we’ve got plenty more to share. Be sure to download our free guide, and get the rest of our handy advice for settling in.

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