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Gilead 1216: Complera Switch Study
Brief Description  
A study for HIV-1 infected individuals currently taking Complera® with an undectable viral load. Complera will be compared to an investigational fixed dose combination (FDC) tablet containing FTC/RPV/TAF. The trial is not only measuring the effectiveness of the medication to suppress viral load, but also comparing the side effects of the two medications. Patients will be asked to follow-up for at least one year. Fixed Dose Combination tablets help to decrease the pill burden for patients.
Who may be Eligible  
Adults age 18 or older; Currently taking Complera; HIV-1 viral load <50 copies mL for 6 months or more; Normal ECG; No implanted defibrillators or pacemakers; Normal maintenance lab values; Not pregant or lactating, planning to become pregnant during the trial or considering fathering a child while on treatment; Not Hepatitis B positive or Hepatitis C positive with a detectable viral load; No history of malignancy in the past 5 years; No active serious infections; No participation in other clinical trials; Not taking one of a list of disallowed medications.
Start Date  
IRB Number  
Principal Investigator  
Johnson, Marc
Contact Name  

For More Information, Contact  Jessica  A, Kearney-Bryan
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