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Gilead 1844 Switch Study
Brief Description  
Development of viral resistance is a continuing concern for HIV patients who have been on therapy for an extended time. The development of new fixed dose combination (FDC), one pill regimens, is critical to allow patients viable options in the event that their virus mutates. This is a study for patients on Triumeg or Dolutegravir + Epzicom who have been virally suppressed for 3 months. Patients would be on a blinded regimen of either Triumeq or GS-9883/FTC/TAF for 48 weeks.
Who may be Eligible  
Patients meeting the following may be eligible: Adults age 18 or older, Currently on Triumeq or Dolutegravir + Epzicom; VL undetectable for more than 3 months; normal maintenance labs and EKG, Agree not to be come pregnant, father a child or donate sperm during the study; Agree to study recommended birth control; Have no conditions that have required hospitalization or IV therapy in past 30 days; No history of cancer in past 5 years; Acute hepatitis is an exclusion; Acute tuberculosis in an exclusion.
Start Date  
IRB Number  
Principal Investigator  
Johnson, Marc
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