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Males, Antioxidants and Infertility (MOXI) Trial
Brief Description  
This research study will be looking at the use of antioxidants in males to determine if antioxidants improve fertility (improving ability to get partner pregnant). Couples are being asked to take part in this study because after 1 year of trying, they have not become pregnant. Participation in this study will last for 6 months. The sponsor for this study is the Reproductive Medicine Network.
Who may be Eligible  
Adult men with at least one abnormal parameter on a semen analysis, are able to have regular intercourse, and have female partners with regular periods, evidence of ovulation and at least one open fallopian tube may be eligible. Couples need to have been trying to get pregnant for at least one year. Males 18 and over, females age 18-35.
Start Date  
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Principal Investigator  
Usadi, Rebecca
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