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The 5 year survival rate for cervical cancer drops when high-risk features are present. There is data that has shown that adding chemotherapy to the standard treatment of radiation + cisplatin chemotherapy following radical hysterectomy may improve outcomes. Subjects who meet eligibility criteria will randomized to receive either 1) external radiation given Monday - Friday + cisplatin IV weekly (through a vein) for approximately 5-6 weeks or 2) radiation given Monday - Friday + cisplatin IV
Who may be Eligible  
Subjects who have had a radical hysterectomy for Stage IA2, IB, or IIA cervical cancer with high risk features. Subjects may not have received chemotherapy for cervical cancer. Subjects must have measurable disease on CT scan (a solid lesion at least 1 cm in size or a lymph node at least 1.5 cm in the smallest axis). Subjects must have adequate blood counts, kidney and liver function. Subjects may not have a concurrent or previous cancer within the past 3 years. Subjects may not have a history of significant cardiovascular disease or active infection requiring IV antibiotics.
Gynecological Cancer
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Higgins, Robert

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