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BMS CA184025: A multi-center, open-label, phase II study of Ipilimumab (MDX-010) extended-treatment monotherapy or follow-up for patients previously enrolled in Ipilimumab (MDX-010) protocols
Brief Description  
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the continued use of ipilimumab in patients who had clinical benefit in a prior/parent study and are now eligible to receive either Re-Induction at the time of disease progression or to continue Maintenance treatment. In addition, this study will also continue to follow patients that have had ipilimumab but who are not eligible for Maintenance or Re-Induction therapy.
Who may be Eligible  
Inclusion Criteria:
  • Diagnosis of advanced melanoma
  • Prior treatment in a prior/parent ipilimumab study
  • Men and women >=18 years of age (or, >=16, if allowable per local regulatory authority)
Exclusion Criteria:
  • Prior treatment with a CD137 agonist or CTLA-4 inhibitor or agonist, except for ipilimumab
  • Primary ocular or mucosal melanoma
IRB Number  
Principal Investigator  
Amin, Asim

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