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While response rates to initial surgery and chemotherapy are high for ovarian cancer patients, many patients will experience a recurrence of their disease. Many patients will have a second or third remission following additional chemotherapy. New treatments are needed to prolong these remissions. This study uses 2 types of vaccines to encourage the immune system to destroy any existing cancer cells. Polyvalent KLH is a vaccine targeting several antigens (proteins) on the surface of the cance
Who may be Eligible  
Subjects with epithelial cancer arising from the ovary, fallopian tubes, or peritoneum in the second or third complete remission (no evidence of disease by exam, CT scan or CA125 level after chemotherapy). Subjects must have adequate blood counts, kidney and liver function. Subjects may not have a concurrent or previous cancer within the past 5 years. Subjects may not be allergic to shellfish.
Gynecological Cancer
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Higgins, Robert

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