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Brief Description  
The purpose of this project is to determine response rate for previously treated CD20-positive B-Cell NHL patients and to evaluate safety and tolerability of YM155 (supresses survivin, a human molecule that inhibits cell "death") when given with rituximab. It is thought that this combination of drugs may result in maximal anti-tumor activity with minimal toxicity.
Who may be Eligible  
Any stage confirmed CD20-positive primary or transformed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, grade 3 follicular or mantle cell lymphoma. Relapsed following last dose of chemo or autologous transplant. At least one, but no more than 3 prior chemo regimens. At least one measurable lesion 1.5cm or larger as assessed by screening CT. Would have to evaluate if taking systemic steroids. Must have adequate bone marrow, hepatic, and /or renal function as assessed by blood tests.
IRB Number  
Principal Investigator  
Miller, David

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