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Brief Description  
This research is being done because even after the most aggressive anticancer treatment for patients with metastatic (stage IV) breast cancer, tumors that shrink or disappear tend to recur. The current standard of treatment is chemical or hormonal therapy. According to present knowledge, breast surgery and radiation would not help to control the disease when metastases are present in other places.
Who may be Eligible  

Eligible participants:

  • Have a cancerous tumor on one breast, but not both breasts
  • Breast tumor is new cancer, not one that has recurred after treatment in the past
  • Breast cancer has spread to at least one place outside of the breast
  • Had biopsies confirming that the tumor on the breast and another elsewhere in the body are cancerous
  • Have a radiology report confirming breast cancer before undergoing therapy
  • Are not pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Agree to use an effective type of contraception during the study

These are only the main requirements. Treating physician will perform a more detailed review of eligibility

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Principal Investigator  
Flippo, Teresa

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