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Identification of HSV in Pregnant Women
Brief Description  
Pregnant women who have no visible signs of herpes simplex virus (HSV), admitted to hospital in active labor. We are testing use of new laboratory device called Xpert to see if it can determine if a woman is shedding (getting rid of) HSV. We will compare the results of the new device to the currently approved laboratory tests. It is important for an OB/Gyn to know the HSV status of women in labor because HSV is often passed to babies during delivery.
Who may be Eligible  
Women 19 years of age and older, in active labor, and who do not have visible signs of HSV and are eligible to participate in the study. Enrolled women will have one blood draw and one vaginal swab done when they are admitted to the hospital in labor. The results of the laboratory test will not be reported to you or to your doctor because they are for research purposes only. Educational information will be given to you about HSV infections in newborns who are infected at the time of birth. The research team will make a follow up phone call 60-90 days aftger your baby is born.
Start Date  
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Principal Investigator  
Ahmed, Amina
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