Employee at Onsite Clinic

Employer Solutions | 5 years ago

On-site Health Clinics: An Investment That Can Boost Your Bottom Line

From dry-cleaning pickup and delivery to in-house coffee bars to office-based health and fitness classes, more and more employers are looking at how to bring lifestyle benefits directly to their employees. For staff members, these on-site perks can save both time and money that they would otherwise spend outside of office hours. For employers, these benefits deliver a significant boost to productivity and can contribute a significant ROI, as employees are able to invest more time on the job. 

One fast-growing option in this arena is the introduction of on-site health clinics in medium- to large-sized businesses. Offering a variety of services on a full- or part-time basis, on-site clinics are enjoying rapid adoption across the country because they present a win-win for companies. In a recent case, one large manufacturer in our region saved $1.8 million in one year, in part, by engaging employees in health screenings and then offering ongoing support and treatment through an on-site clinic. But these benefits extend far beyond improvements to the bottom line. Employees are more likely to engage with a healthcare provider and live a healthier, more active lifestyle if services are easily accessible. Consider a few real-world examples:

Meet Lucy

Lucy is a buyer for a large retail chain in the Southeast. She spends most of her day on the phone with vendors and reviewing proposals with her team, so it’s important that she be in the office. One day, Lucy develops some swelling around her eye. It doesn’t require bed rest, but it’s uncomfortable and needs to be evaluated by a medical provider. Under normal circumstances, Lucy would likely lose three to four hours from her day booking an appointment to see her doctor, driving across town, waiting in the lobby, meeting with her physician, picking up a prescription and then driving back to work.

But earlier this year, Lucy’s company opened an on-site medical clinic to address common health issues. They even offer an in-house pharmacy for standard prescriptions. She can keep working, head down two floors to the clinic for her 30-minute appointment — like any other meeting — and be back to work with minimal disruption.

Meet James

Meanwhile, James works in the warehouse of a lumber distributor. While moving a load of materials recently, his wrist began to hurt. His wife also works full time and they have three kids. With their hectic family schedule, it’s near impossible for James to find the time before or after work to get treatment.

Now that his company has opened an on-site clinic, James is able to receive care during the workday. His onsite provider is able to determine his wrist is not broken, it is just mildly strained. The provider can fit James for a flexible brace that relieves his pain and allows the injury to heal without forcing him to miss work.

For mid- to large-sized organizations, an on-site health clinic can offer a valuable perk to your employees, helping recruit and retain top talent, while simultaneously helping control healthcare costs.