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Our RN-to-BSN program is designed for registered nurses seeking to expand their skills, open the door to career advancement or build the foundation for graduate-level education. We’ve been educating nurses for 80 years, and you’ll find that the rich experience of your instructors and peers at Cabarrus College  enhances your learning and makes you a better nurse. Our affiliation with Atrium Health also opens the door to unparalleled job opportunities at one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems. 


  • Perfect for working nurses who want to advance their careers
  • 100% online; no clinical required
  • Develop leadership skills and expand skills in utilizing science to provide patient-centered care
  • Prepare for collaborative roles in promoting health for patients, families and communities
  • Flexible, with full-time and part-time options
  • Five-week course blocks
  • Affordable: generous loans and financial aid available
  • Credits awarded for diploma or associate degree work and related work/life experience
  • Focus on population health, leadership and service 
  • Opens the door to more varied employment opportunities, career progression and professional certification in a nursing specialty
  • Exceptional, nationally recognized, clinically trained faculty
  • Fast-track application for Atrium Health teammates and alumni of Atrium Health-affiliated colleges: NO fee, essay or references required
  • Start in fall or spring
$10K Atrium Health Forgivable Loan
available to Atrium Health teammates and alumni of Atrium Health-affiliated colleges; can be repaid with service at Atrium Health

Low/No Cost BSN for Teammates and Alumni

Now is the perfect time to get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences. The college has made recent changes that mean Atrium Health teammates – or alumni of Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, Carolinas College of Health Sciences or Mercy School of Nursing – can get a BSN at a significantly reduced cost.  Atrium Health’s Educational Loan Forgiveness program is available for the BSN program. By combining the loan forgiveness program, along with grant and scholarship money the financial aid office helps procure, the cost for Cabarrus College’s BSN program will be virtually zero for teammates and alumni.  Learn more about the Atrium Health Educational Loan Forgiveness program.


To cultivate competent, caring nurse professionals through exemplary education and promotion of lifelong learning.

Program Goals

  • To provide an avenue for flexible, seamless progression for ADN-RNs to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing
  • To prepare ADN-RNs for professional advancement by expanding skills in utilizing science to provide evidence-based patient-centered care.
  • To prepare graduates for collaborative roles in promoting health for patients, families and communities.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the RN to BSN Program students will be able to:

  • Integrate concepts of community health, community and the role of public health nursing.
  • Synthesize knowledge of nursing and community health in practice to promote, restore and maintain the health potential of groups and populations in the community.
  • Incorporate assessment findings, theory and research in the delivery of an education project to a selected population.
  • Collaborate with faculty and community partners to develop an education program involving a community health issue and incorporates knowledge of health disparities.
  • Demonstrate positive work relationships with community partners during their service learning experience.
  • Enhance knowledge of cultural competence through the service learning experience.
  • Complete a satisfactory community assessment activity.
  • Communicate professionally, accurately and effectively in verbal, nonverbal, written and digital modes.
  • Assume accountability/responsibility for the professional nursing role(s) of advocate, clinician, coordinator, educator, and leader in promoting the health of populations/aggregates.
Testimonial quote:
“I decided to attend Cabarrus College for their incredible ADN program and decided to come back for my BSN. The decision to choose Cabarrus College of Health Sciences for a second time was truly a no-brainer. The exceptional education I received for my ADN is mirrored in their BSN program. The small class sizes and well-prepared faculty provide students with the best possible learning environment.
When I entered the workplace, many nurses said they could tell which students graduated from Cabarrus College. They reported those nurses were more advanced clinically than other students in the region and they were impressed by their critical thinking and clinical reasoning. My work as nursing supervisor affords me the knowledge to oversee new nurses now. I can say that Cabarrus College graduates really do stand out. Cabarrus grads are eager, well prepared, and understand the complexities of providing hospital patient care.”
Kaitlyn Huff, RNC-NIC, ’17,
Associate of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (December 2022)

For more information contact: or 704-403-1613 or 704-403-3507