Certificate in Clinical Research Curriculum Plan

The Certificate in Clinical Research will be awarded to students who successfully complete the four online courses (12 credit hours) and a 225-hour clinical practicum (5 credit hours) for a total of 17 credit hours. This curriculum is only offered during the spring and summer sessions as listed below.

Spring Admission


Course #                                                                                                         Cr       Clinical 

RSH 600     Foundation of Good Clinical Practice in Clinical Trials                 3          0

RSH 605     Fundamentals of Clinical Research Management                        3          0

RSH 610     Clinical Trials and Site Management                                            3          0

Total                                                                                                      9


IHS 501     Applied Statistics and Research Methods                                      3          0

RSH 615    Clinical Trials Research Practicum                                                5          225

                        Total                                                                                         8          225

                        Total Certificate                                                                      17        225


There are no General Education Electives