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Integrative learning is the process of connecting academics and beyond-the-classroom experiences so that students can apply information and skills to novel and complex issues or challenges. The graduation with distinction requirements will allow students to:

  • Collaborate with students in other disciplines
  • Give students a variety of experiences outside of the classroom
  • Find ways to put the pieces together and develop habits that will prepare them to make informed judgments in the conduct of personal, professional, and civic life
  • Apply learning to real world context

All students who successfully complete the requirements below will receive:

  • A special seal on their diploma
  • A denotation in the graduation program signifying that they have graduated with a distinction
  • A denotation on their academic transcript signifying that they have graduated with a distinction

Graduation with Distinction in Patient Centered Care and Quality & Safety

Relevant - Meaningful - Connected

Graduating with Distinction will enhance your employability by connecting academics with beyond the classroom experiences.

To learn more about Graduation with Distinction click here.


Students desiring to earn distinction should speak with their Academic Advisor to discuss the requirements. In general, to earn a distinction students will:

  • Have a GPA of 2.5 in any major
  • Complete 2 college required learning activities beyond the classroom which relate to the chosen distinction.
  • Complete 2 pre-approved additional learning activities beyond the classroom of the student’s choice which relate to the chosen distinction.
  • Present learning at the Integrative Symposium and complete an e-portfolio to showcase experience.

How to Sign Up

All interested students should contact their Academic Advisor for more information.


Access the application here.