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The CT and MRI certificate programs provide 16-22 credit hours of structured education directly related to the specifications for the ARRT post primary examination. ARRT required clinical experience guidelines for post primary certification will be followed. Students will generate academic credits which may be applied to the Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging degree and will receive a certificate of completion.

Advanced Specialty Certificate - MRI Track

Fall Course # Credit Hours
BIO 311 Cross-Sectional Anatomy 3
BIO 350 Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology 
MRI 300 Introduction to MRI 6
MRI 302 MRI Pathophysiology 1
Spring Course # Credit Hours
MRI 304  MRI Clinical Application 
MRI 350 Comprehensive Overview of MRI 3
MRI 351 Cardiac MRI 2
Certificate Total 22

This degree is intended for transfer into the BSMI program.

Advanced Specialty Certificate - CT Track

Major Requirements
Course #
Credit Hours
BIO 311  Cross-Sectional Anatomy 
BIO 350  Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology  
CAT 302  CT Pathology 1
CAT 303  Cardiac Computed Tomography 2
CAT 304 CT Clinical Application 6
CAT 350   Comprehensive Overview of CT 

This degree is intended for transfer into the BSMI program.