This program is suitable for working professionals. Clinical hours are flexible and can be scheduled on evenings or weekends. Class meetings are scheduled in the afternoon, in order to accommodate the working student. Clinical tracks are available with hybrid course offerings requiring approximately 8 meetings per semester. Once the clinical portion of the curriculum is complete, the remaining courses in the BSMI program are 100% online and may be taken on a full time or part time course load. 

Fall Course # Credit Hours
BIO 311* Cross-sectional Anatomy 3
CAT 301** Introduction to CT and CT Physics 3
CAT 302** Computed Tomography Pathophysiology 1
CAT 303** Computed Tomography Procedures and Protocols 3
CAT 304** Computed Tomography Clinical Application 6
Spring Course # Credit Hours
ENG 302* Professional Research and Reporting 3
MIS 302** Pharmacology for Imaging Professionals 3
MIS 400** Medical Imaging Quality Control 3
SOC 313* Issues in Diversity 3
Summer Course # Credit Hours
Elective Non-Major or General Education Elective 3
Elective Non-Major or General Education Elective 3
Elective* Non-Major or General Education Elective 3
Fall Course # Credit Hours
Elective Humanities Elective 3
HSL 300** Introduction to Health Services Organizations 3
HSL 350** Leadership in the Health Service Industry 3
MAT 201* Introductory Statistics 3
Spring Course # Credit Hours
MIS 401** Information Systems for Imaging Professionals 3
HSL 400** Organizational Dynamics and Communication 3
HSL 410** Legal and Ethical Issues in Contemporary Society 3
MIS 450** Imaging Management Internship (capstone) 3
Bachelor Completion Total 61
Associate Degree Block Credit 60
Total Degree Hours 121
* General Education Course
** Major Course

General Education Electives

ENG 315 Creative Writing

Humanities/Fine Arts
COM 301 Communications, Culture, and the Community
HUM 310 Art Appreciation
HUM 315 Women in Art

Interdisciplinary Health Studies
IHS 405 Critical Thinking
IHS 410 Educational Principles for Healthcare Professionals

IHS 401 Applied Statistics and Research Methods

Natural Sciences
BIO 330 Cell Biology
BIO 340 General Genetics
BIO 410 Advanced Applications of Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 420 Functional Kinesiology
BIO 430 Fundamentals in Neuroscience
BIO 440 Pathophysiology

Social Sciences
ENV 301 Environmental Health
SOC 320 Sociology of Health and Illness

Non-Major Electives

BUS 310 Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management
CAT 350 Comprehensive Overview of Computed Tomography
HSL 303 Health Services Supervision
HSL 330 Human Resources Management
HSL 341 Issues in Performance Improvement
HSL 403 Current Issues in Health Services Management
IHS 301 Yoga*
IHS 310 Infant Massage*
IHS 320 Healing Touch*

IHS 350 Mindfulness for Self-Care 
IHS 330  Aroma Therapy*
IHS 340  Aroma Therapy II*
IHS 430 Aroma Therapy III*
IHS 440 Aroma Therapy IV*
MIS 300 Advanced Patient Care for Imaging Professionals
MIS 301 Bone Densitometry
MIS 350 Mammography
MIS 401 Information Systems Management for Imaging Sciences

*Students may take only 1 of these 3 IHS non-major electives.