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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) degree is designed for registered nurses (RNs) who have graduated from either an associate degree or diploma program and who desire to expand their knowledge in the nursing profession. All classes are offered online, allowing you to earn your degree at your convenience and without having to sacrifice your present job or income.

Medical Imaging

The baccalaureate Medical Imaging curriculum is designed to build upon an Associate Degree in imaging or an approved diploma program. Diploma graduates may need to complete prerequisite courses in general education prior to acceptance into the Medical Imaging degree program. The baccalaureate program is approximately a two year completion program.

Occupational Therapy

The entry-level Occupational therapy master’s degree program is designed for practicing OTAs to progress to occupational therapists. The program offers two tracks, a Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) track for OTAs with a prior bachelor’s degree, and a combined Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Studies/Master of Occupational Therapy (BSIHS/MOT) track for OTAs with an associate degree as their highest educational level.

The MOT track includes hybrid courses (online with every third weekend on-campus classes), as well as independent studies and fieldwork experiences.  The BSIHS/MOT track is all online courses for the first two semesters; the next four academic semesters include hybrid courses (online with every third weekend on-campus classes), independent studies, and fieldwork experiences.


Distance education courses may include business, computed tomography, computer, health services leadership & management, humanities, magnetic resonance imaging, math, nursing, pharmacy, philosophy, religion, and sociology. The following table represents the courses that are offered through distance education.

BIO 100

Medical Terminology

NSG 300

Nursing in Society

BIO 163

Basic Anatomy and Physiology

NSG 301

Health Assessment

BIO 410/510

Advanced Applications of Human Anatomy and Physiology

NSG 302

Coping with Loss and Grief

BIO 420/520

Functional Kinesiology

NSG 303

Nursing Leadership and Management

BIO 430/530

Fundamentals in Neuroscience

NSG 305

Health Policy

BIO 440/540


NSG 313

Current Issues in Nursing

BUS 310

Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management

NSG 405


CAS 190

Computer Technology Applications

NSG 406

Quality and Safety Issues in Healthcare

CAT 302

CT Pathophysiology

NSG 407

Nursing Research

CAT 303

CT Procedures and Protocols

NSG 410

Health and Populations and Service Learning Project

CHM 101

General Chemistry I

NSG 411

Transitions in Care

COM 201

Communication in Business and Professional Life

NTR 210

Nutrition for Healthy Living

COM 301

Communications, Culture, and the Community

NSG 305

Health Policy

ENG 101

English Composition I

OCT 510

Foundations for Occupational Therapy

ENG 210

World Literature

OCT 520

Occupation Development through the Lifespan

ENG 302

Research and Reporting

OCT 530

Occupational Therapy in Health Care

ENG 315

Creative Writing

OCT 610

OT Assessment and Intervention for Pediatrics and Adolescence

ENV 301

Environmental Health

OCT 615

Level I Fieldwork # 1

HEA 110

Health and Wellness

OCT 620

OT Services for Pediatrics and Adolescence

HSL 300

Introduction to Health Services Organizations

OCT 630

OT Assessment and Intervention for Adults through Geriatrics

HSL 303

Health Services Supervision

OCT 640

OT Services for Adults through Geriatrics

HSL 330

Human Resources Management

OCT 645

Level I Fieldwork # 2

HSL 341

Issues in Performance Improvement

OCT 650

Therapeutic Adaptations in Occupational Therapy

HSL 350

Leadership in the Health Service Industry

OCT 660

MOT Cornerstone

HSL 400

Organizational Dynamics and Communications

OCT 670

Therapeutic Modalities in Occupational Therapy

HSL 403

Current Issues in Health Services Management

OCT 680

MOT Capstone

HSL 410

Legal and Ethical Issues in Contemporary Society

OCT 685

Level II Fieldwork # 1

HUM 310


OCT 695

Level II Fieldwork # 2

HUM 315

Women in Art

PSY 101

General Psychology

IHS 401/501

Applied Statistics and Research Methods

PSY 150

Human Growth and Development

MAT 171

Pre-calculus Algebra

REL 210

World Religions

MAT 201

Introductory Statistics

SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology

MIS 300

Advanced Patient Care for Imaging Professionals

SOC 203

Marriage and the Family

MIS 301

Bone Densitometry

SOC 320

Sociology of Health and Illness

MIS 302

Pharmacology for Imaging Professionals

SPA 201

Introduction to Hispanic Culture

MIS 400

Medical Imaging Quality Control

OCT 510

Foundations for Occupational Therapy

MIS 401

Information Systems Management for Imaging Sciences

OCT 520

Occupation Development through the Lifespan

MRI 302

MRI Pathophysiology

OCT 530

Occupational Therapy in Health Care

MRI 303

MRI Procedures and Protocols



MRI 304

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinical Applications