Do I have to provide SAT/ACT scores if I am applying to an associate degree program and I already have a bachelor's degree?
Yes. In order to be considered for admission into any of our associate degree or diploma programs, your SAT/ACT scores must be provided.

How will I find out if I have been accepted into Cabarrus College?
Letters of acceptance will be mailed by March 15 for the fall semester and by November 15 for the spring semester for applications that were received by the established deadlines. Admission into all programs at the college continues on a rolling admissions basis until programs are full.

May I fax my transcripts, test scores, and references when applying for admission?
Official copies of transcripts and test scores must be received in a sealed envelope from the official institution or organizations or through an official transcript service via email. Test scores recorded on an official high school transcript are considered official and can be used for admission. Letters of reference must be received in a sealed envelope from the person providing the reference. Reference forms can be received via fax or email as long as they are sent from the reference.

If I am applying to an associate degree or diploma program and have a previous degree, do I need to provide a high school transcript?
Yes. In order to be considered for admission into an associate degree or diploma program, your high school transcript must be provided. Download a copy of the Transcript Request Form. This form needs to be returned to Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, Office of Admissions, 401 Medical Park Drive, Concord, NC 28025.

If I am applying to a bachelor degree program do I need to provide a high school transcript?
To be considered for a bachelor degree program you must show verification that you completed a math course with algebra II as a pre-requisite. If you satisfied this requirement in high school, and have not taken any college level math classes, your high school transcript is required.

I am going to be a senior this year, when do I send my high school transcript?
You can send a transcript at the time you submit your application. Once you graduate we will need a final official transcript.

Who may submit a letter of recommendation and how many are required?
Two letters of recommendation are required to be submitted with an application. Please use the reference form available here. A letter of recommendation may be submitted by employers, co-workers, teachers, counselors, or ministers. Recommendations may not be submitted by friends, parents of friends, or relatives.

Will my application be reviewed if I did not meet the established deadline?
Applications received after the application deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis for all programs.