All students accepted to the College must submit the following prior to enrollment:

  • Non -refundable tuition deposit.
  • Signed Consent for Release form and acceptable criminal background check along with the non-refundable fee (See section below ).
  • Evidence of health insurance coverage. Health insurance cover age must be maintained while enrolled at the College.
  • Verification of required immunizations (See section below).
  • Students enrolling in clinical programs must submit:
    • Evidence of current course completion in American Heart Association BLS for Heart Code Certification prior to enrollment.
    • Negative 12-panel drug screen from a certified lab.
    • Complete Physical and Emotional Health Assessment form indicating the applicant is physically and emotionally capable of undertaking the program in which he or she is to be enrolled.
    • Evidence of finger printing.

    New students will be emailed prior to enrollment start date with instructions on how to submit required documentation.

Required Immunizations

North Carolina law requires all students entering undergraduate or graduate studies at any public or private college or university in North Carolina to provide proof of the following immunizations: Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (3 doses); polio (3 doses, only if under the age of 18); Measles (2 doses); mumps (2 doses); rubella; and Hepatitis B (3 doses).

In addition, students in clinical courses at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences are required to have:

  • Varicella (chicken pox) - 2 doses
  • Flu vaccine
  • Two step TB Skin Test (Must be administered within 365 days prior to the start of the first day of the semester for new students and updated annually) or 1 QuantiFERON®-TB blood test. 

Background And Sanctions Checks

Cabarrus College conducts appropriate background and sanction checks, screens accepted applicants, and monitors current students to ensure a safe environment for clinical affiliates and the College. Background and sanction checks conducted prior to official enrollment include but are not limited to the following: social security trace, criminal history, NC Sex Offender Registry, and checks against duly authorized, licensing, disciplining and sanctioning authorities (including the Cumulative Sanction List of the office of the Inspector General). Continuing students will be similarly investigated on a “for cause” basis. Convictions that will specifically preclude final acceptance to the College for all students include, but are not limited to:

  • A sex crime
  • Exploitation of an endangered adult
  • Failure to report battery, neglect, or exploitation of an endangered adult
  • Murder
  • Voluntary manslaughter
  • Involuntary manslaughter within the previous seven (7) years**
  • Battery within the previous seven (7) years**
  • A felony offense relating to controlled substances within the previous seven (7) years**
  • Abuse or neglect of a minor, child or dependent
  • Failure to report the abuse of a minor, child or dependent
  • Any act that, if it occurred at the organization, could compromise the safety or well-being of patients, employees, visitors, or volunteers of the organization.

** Time frames are measured from the date of conviction. In addition, Cabarrus College of Health Sciences will not accept any individual:

  1. Who has abused, neglected, or mistreated a patient or misappropriated a patient’s property, as reflected in the state nurse aide registry, or
  2. Whose name appears in the N.C. Sex Offender Registry, or
  3. Who has been convicted of a criminal offense related to he alth care or who is listed by a federal agency as debarred, excluded or otherwise ineligible for participation in any federally funded healthcare program.

Note: According to North Carolina statutes, having a previous conviction of certain misdemeanors or felonies may make the applicant ineligible for licensure and/or certification in selected healthcare fields.