A class agent helps communicate important college and alumni news to members of their graduating class. They also help to keep accurate contact information for their classmates which they pass along to the alumni affairs coordinator.

The following alumni have agreed to be their class agent. If you would like to contact them, or serve as a class agent, please contact Cara Lursen at 704-403-1614 

1953 Nova Beatty Stephens
1957 Joyce Deal
1961 Lana Wingate
1962 Beth Mabrey
1966 Janet Wright
1967 Brenda Langley
1968 Marion Blanchard
1975 Jennifer Sparks, Donna Rodgers
1978 Dale Gressle
1979 Kathy Dayvault
1980 Linda Overcash
1983 Jennifer Hartsell
1984 Michael D. Smith
1986 Kim Weaver
1988 Tracy Eudy
1995 Blair Brown
1999 Rhonda Y. Cooper
2003 Kim Phelps, Debra Venvertloh
2004 Denise Adcock
2005 Kaysha Alston