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About the Catalog

This electronic document is the official Catalog of Cabarrus College of Health Sciences for undergraduate and graduate programs.  The Catalog and Handbook do not constitute an enrollment contract, nor is it intended to make commitments to students concerning their enrollment with Cabarrus College.  Enrollment with Cabarrus College is "at will."  As such, Cabarrus College and its students are in an enrollment relationship which can be ended by either party, at any time, and for any reason permitted by law or college policy that either deems appropriate. 

Cabarrus College reserves the right to revise, amend, or change items set forth in this publication.  Accordingly, readers of this publication should inquire about revisions, amendments, or changes which have been made since the date of publication.  The College reserves the right to cancel course offerings, to set minimum and maximum size of classes, to change designated instructors in course, and to make decisions affecting the academic standing of anyone participating in a course or program offered by Cabarrus College. 

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How to Get an Older Copy of the Catalog and Handbook

Requests may be made in person or through email

1.  In person - You may stop by the Office of Student Records and Information Management (Suite 133) and request needed copies.  Requested material may be scanned and emailed or            sent via US Postal Service (please designate preference).

2.  By email - Please contact the Director of Student Records and Information Management, Mary Elmore to request copies.  Requested material may be scanned and emailed or sent via US     Postal Service (please designate preference).