The curriculum for this program utilizes the recommended content areas from the American Heart Association.

HeartCode BLS eLearning Course
The student must register and pay tuition directly to The American Heart Association: cost is $31.00. Access the American Heart Association website by typing in the web address https://www.onlineaha.org/courses and choose HeahtCodeBLS. Complete the entire eLearning course. Upon completion of the course you will need to take the written exam provided. The test has to be completed in one sitting. Print the 'Course Completion Certificate' to bring when registering for the Skills Competency portion of the course. You are not considered BLS (CPR) certified unless you complete both the eLearning and skill portion of the course.

CPR Skills Competency
The student must register & pay directly to Cabarrus College of Health Sciences: cost is $25.00. You must bring the 'Course Completion Certificate' (Passing) in order to register for the skills competency.. Be ready to "check off" on all BLS Skills. You must complete skills check (Part 2) within 60 days of the eLearning course. You must successfully complete both Parts 1 & 2 to receive a BLS Provider card.