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Academic advising at Cabarrus College is a partnership between faculty and students to ensure that every student has a successful experience. The advisor's job is to provide accurate information and advice to students so they can make good decisions throughout their college career.

Students first meet with their advisors during orientation to review program guidelines. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors at least once per month for the first year of enrollment and as needed thereafter during posted office hours to discuss:

  • Academic progress
  • Curriculum changes such as adding or dropping a class
  • Change of major decisions
  • Mid-term grades of less than a "C"
  • Curriculum leaves of absence
  • Holds on registration
  • Intent and clearance to graduate
  • Withdrawal from the College

All teaching faculty post available office hours each week for consultation with students. Students who are identified by faculty and/or advisors as having potential barriers to learning will be referred to Student Affairs for personal counseling and/or Testing & Student Development Services.