Cabarrus College offers a variety of activities, programs, and benefits to support your health, wellness and fitness needs.

Cabarrus College does not operate a campus Student Health Center. If you are in need of healthcare services, contact your private healthcare provider or consult with your insurance carrier for information regarding local providers.

Accidents, Injuries, and Exposure FAQ's
What should I do if I become sick or injured during my clinical or fieldwork experience?
Immediately inform your instructor or preceptor.

While in clinical, I was exposed to an infectious disease? What should I do?
Immediately notify your instructor or preceptor. They will direct you on what to do next.

I had emergency surgery and was unable to attend clinical on my assigned day. Will this affect my grade?
Consult your course syllabus and/or program handbook for your instructor's attendance policy; also call or email your instructor to explain your situation. You may be required to submit a release form from your healthcare provider before returning to class or clinical.

I have been told I cannot return to school until my doctor fills out the Physical and Emotional Health Assessment form. Where do I get this form?
Download the Physical and Emotional Health Assessment form. Return the completed form to the Coordinator, Student Success.  

Emergency/Urgent Care
Students at Cabarrus College who need prompt medical attention that may not be met by their primary care physicians have 24-hour access to the Emergency Care Center at Atrium Health Cabarrus and to Cabarrus Urgent Care from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., seven days per week except during major holidays. Cabarrus Urgent Care is located at 888 Church Street North in Concord, 704-786-6122. You are responsible for any fees or charges for medical care or ancillary services.

NorthEast Health & Fitness Institute 

Students may join the NorthEast Health & Fitness Institute for $10 a month.  The Institute's dedicated team of health and fitness professionals offers clinical exercise programs, health education, behavior modification and counseling programs in a supportive and motivating environment.  The Institute is located at 1090 NorthEast Gateway Court, NE Suite 102 and can be reached by calling 704-403-9250 or 704-403-9273.

Health Insurance
All students at Cabarrus College are required to have health insurance.

If you do not have health insurance, Cabarrus College offers the option to purchase affordable health insurance at a student group rate with various payment plans and coverage. To learn more, call E.J. Smith & Associates, Inc. at 847-564-3660 or view an online brochure which includes an enrollment form at

While a student at Cabarrus College, students are responsible for maintaining required immunizations.  Please refer to the current College Catalog and Handbook for a full list of required immunizations. 

Pharmacy Discount
As a student at Cabarrus College, you are eligible to receive employee discounts at Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast's Gateway and Pavilion Pharmacies by requesting the discount and presenting your current ID badge.