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Today enrolling in college to achieve a career goal is a big commitment. Cabarrus College provides a wonderful opportunity to obtain a degree that allows students to graduate and find high paying positions in the healthcare field. Cabarrus College has Federal Loan Default rates that stay consistently well below the national and state average. This means while our students may use Federal Loans to help pay for school, they are also able to find a job in the healthcare field and repay their loans. When considering potential schools this is an important consideration. We believe that Financial Literacy is important to our students so that they can make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. Our hope is that students will not only think about finances when it comes to repaying their loans but also throughout their time at our college. An understanding of available resources is important, and we have provided some useful links below. Our students also have additional information available to them through CANVAS our student learning system within the Financial Literacy modules.

Financial Literacy Guidance from Federal Student Aid

Federal Student Aid repayment calculator Financial Literacy

Financial Awareness Counseling Tool (FACT)