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Dear Cabarrus College Students and Teammates,

Two weeks ago, when we announced that Cabarrus College was moving to Phase 1 of our Back to Campus Plan, we had hoped that the public health metrics in Cabarrus County would continue to improve and that we would be able to move to Phase 2 of our plan on Monday June 15, 2020. Unfortunately, the Cabarrus County COVID-19 Data Scorecard took a step backwards yesterday when the weekly report was released. As you can see from the link provided, there has been an increase in lab-confirmed cases over the last 14-days as well as an increase in the percentage of positive tests over the same time period.

Consequently, we are going to delay our move to Phase 2 until a later date. We will continue our operations following Phase 1 protocols until further notice. You may view the Phase 1 protocols by clicking here.

As our community and our local economy “opens back up”, it is important for the Cabarrus College students and teammates to be leaders in safety by following masking, social distancing, and hand-washing guidelines. If we can serve as positive role models in our families, neighborhoods, and social groups, perhaps we can help influence the COVID-19 public health metrics back in the right direction.

Please be safe and well.