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To assist prospective and current students (and/or their families), locate important information about Cabarrus College, this web page provides links in compliance with the disclosure requirements under the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008(HEOA).

Below is a list of the disclosure requirements, and links to pages that contain the actual information or where to obtain the information.

General Institutional Information

Financial Information



  • Instructional Facilities
  • Textbook Information
    • Students who have credit as the result of Financial Aid may use their credit to purchase book or books at our online bookstore.
  • Professional Licensure Disclosures and State Board Information
    • Federal regulations require the College to disclose whether its educational programs meet U.S. jurisdictions’ educational requirements for licensure (34 CFR 668.43(a)(6)& 34 CFR 668.72(n)). While Cabarrus College clinical programs employ best practices in healthcare education to prepare students for professional licensure, certification, and practice, the educational requirements to sit for credentialing examinations and to practice vary from one state to the next.
    • The following programs have researched state/territory requirements and determined to the best of their abilities whether current program curricula meet credentialing educational requirements. Details can be obtained by clicking on each program link.
    • Prospective and enrolled students are strongly encouraged to follow up with the licensing board or regulatory agency in the state/territory in which they wish to practice. Cabarrus College Program Chairs are available for guidance and assistance, see contact information below.

    Program  Program Chair Email  Phone  Address 
     Associate Degree Nursing Dr. Kim Plemmons  704-403-1751 


    401 Medical Park Drive,

    Concord, NC 28025

     Clinical Research Cris Eudy 704-403-4571
     Medical Assistant Rachel Houston 704-403-1228
     Medical Imaging Rhonda Weaver 704-403-1756
     Occupational Therapy Dr. Jackie Mayo 704-403-1326
     Occupational Therapy Assistant Nancy Green 704-403-3599
     Surgical Technology Michelle Gay 704-403-1758

Student Services

Student Achievement and Success