Essential functions are the physical, intellectual, and behavioral requirements of the Medical Laboratory Science Program that a student must be able to perform in order to be admitted into the program, to successfully participate in the program, and to be employable as a Medical Laboratory Scientist.

  • Physical abilities sufficient to move from room to room, maneuver in small places, reach and bend, and sit and stand for prolonged periods performing moderately taxing continuous physical work. Ability to stoop, reach and lift 50 pound loads.
  • Gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to manipulate, maneuver, adjust and control small objects with coordination, such as phlebotomy equipment to collect blood specimens from patients; effectively and efficiently operate laboratory equipment, control and adjust laboratory instruments, manipulate a computer keyboard, and calculate, record and transmit laboratory information.
  • Visual abilities sufficient to distinguish color, consistency, depth, and density of biological specimens and reagents, employ a clinical grade microscope to discriminate fine differences in structure and color in microscopic specimens, and read calibration lines on pipettes, laboratory instruments, graphs displayed in print, and on a video monitor.
  • Critical thinking abilities sufficient to demonstrate rational judgment, organize tasks and responsibilities, make logical decisions, analyze data and reports, recognize potentially hazardous materials, infectious biological specimens, equipment, and situations and proceed safely.
  • Communication abilities sufficient to communicate effectively and efficiently in English, read and comprehend technical and professional materials, accurately follow oral and written instructions in performing laboratory tests, communicate with faculty, students, staff, physicians, and other healthcare professionals in oral and written formats, independently prepare research papers and present reports, and take paper, computer, and laboratory practical examinations.