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Critical thinking

Sufficient ability for sound judgment, sufficient problem solving skills to perform duties in a timely manner, ability to organize responsibilities, ability to identify cause-effect relationships and make decisions, ability to manage time and systemize actions to complete tasks, ability collect, organize, and analyze data, ability to recognize potentially hazardous materials, equipment, and situations and proceed safely, ability to adapt to working with unpleasant odors, be honest, ethical, responsible, and forthright about errors or uncertainty, understand and apply departmental and nationally recognized rules and regulations for radiation safety.


Sufficient ability to interact effectively and sensitively with individuals, families, and groups from a variety of socioeconomic, cultural, emotional, racial, religious, and intellectual backgrounds, ability to establish rapport with patients, families and healthcare professionals, demonstrate mental stamina working under stressful and emotional conditions, possess emotional stability, maturity, gentleness, empathy, and compassion.


Sufficient ability for interaction with patients, family, faculty, staff, physicians and other healthcare professionals in verbal and written form, ability to read and comprehend technical and professional materials and to follow oral and written instruction, ability to clearly and concisely convey instructions and assess comprehension, ability to recognize and respond appropriately to non-verbal cues.


Sufficient ability to endure long hours of walking and standing on your feet, routinely walk, bend, push, pull, lift, stoop, kneel, squat, balance and maneuver in small places; maneuver heavy equipment; lift 20 pounds over your head; lift, carry and balance items weighing up to 50 pounds individually or additional weight with assistance, possess a full range of body motion; coordination and muscular control, ability to reach and operate overhead equipment.

Motor Skills

Gross and fine motor skills sufficient to manipulate equipment and to provide safe and effective care, ability to manipulate a computer keyboard.


The sufficient ability to adequately perceive and interpret audio signals from equipment and alarms, and to respond to patient questions or comments.


The acuity to work in dim lighting and distinguish colors, ability to view computer monitors for extended periods.


The sufficient ability for physical assessment, to observe and monitor patient responses, to perform palpation functions, to perform therapeutic interventions, to manipulate and position patients, to interact in clinical, lab and classroom environments.


Senses that are sufficient to smell or detect smoke, chemicals and electrical hazards.