The Non-Credit Academic Program Division of Carolinas College of Health Sciences offers programs and workshops that will allow you to gain valuable hands-on experience. The non-credit academic program hours can help you maintain your certification and licensure or just get you started on your new career path in healthcare.

Carolinas College of Health Sciences has long been a provider of quality non-credit academic education programs and workshops. However, effective April 1, 2018, Carolinas College will no longer offer Nurse Aide 1 or Nurse Aide 2 classes.

The 15-weeks (Fall and Spring) or 10-weeks (Summer) NAACLS-approved Phlebotomy Program will remain at CCHS and will be offered three times a year with starts in January, May, and August.

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The Integrative Therapies workshops including Clinical Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, and Introduction to Integrative Practices are now being offered through Charlotte AHEC’s division of Allied Health. If you want more information about these workshops, contact Kelly Blasky at


The phlebotomist is an integral part of laboratory medicine. Phlebotomists draw blood for tests, transfusions, donations or research and collect other fluid or tissue samples. Learn more about the Phlebotomy Program.


Carolinas College of Health Sciences offers a variety of workshops to take your career to the next level. We specialize in "hands-on" skills that will enhance patient care. Check out the different classes and add these tools to your toolkit!

Specialist in Blood Bank Technology/Transfusion Medicine

Specialists in blood bank technology are knowledgeable in all aspects of blood banking and transfusion medicine. This is a 12-month, non-credit online program for individuals currently employed in the blood bank field. Learn more about the Blood Bank Technology/Transfusion Medicine Program.