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2021-2022 Residents

Anna Brown, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pharmacy School: University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Why Atrium Health? Atrium Health’s PGY1 Pharmacy Residency program in the ambulatory care setting offers a strong variety of clinical experiences, plenty of opportunities to learn and grow as an individual, and most importantly the ability to learn from some of the most caring and dedicated preceptors ever. Several of the things that drew me to Atrium were the vast amount of direct patient care that residents participate in, the ability to implement and complete a prospective residency project, the teaching/precepting opportunities, and the large Atrium Health system which provides exposure to many different areas of pharmacy and healthcare. Lastly, the past residents, preceptors, residency >program director, and all pharmacy staff are some of the most caring, dedicated, and passionate pharmacists that you will ever meet – which was obvious to me from the first moment I got to interact with them, and I knew it was truly a team-based environment. This residency program is providing me with a well-rounded clinical and professional background, and I know I will be confident and prepared for a career in Ambulatory Care Pharmacy. 
Primary Site: Ardsley Internal Medicine - Concord
Research Project:
Impact of The Value SPRINT Initiative – Pharmacist-led medication management in patients with uncontrolled hypertension 
Post-Residency Interests: Ambulatory Care, Geriatrics, Academia; Desire to become an Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist; Obtaining CPP, BCACP, and CDCES

Ryan Larson, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: Ferris State University 
Pharmacy School: The University of Michigan School of Pharmacy 
Why Atrium Health? This residency program at Atrium Health offered exactly what learning experiences I was looking for as a PGY1 pharmacy resident. On top of all the great required learning experiences provided, there is a diverse array of elective rotation opportunities as well. They are even flexible enough to create a new experience if you have an area of interest outside of what is already available. It was very apparent after my interview that the preceptors here genuinely go above and beyond for their residents in providing a supportive learning environment. Providers at Atrium Health value Pharmacists as an essential part of the health care team, which directly translates into our strong interdisciplinary relationships and improves our learning as residents. After completing this residency program, I am confident that I will be a very well-rounded pharmacist, practicing at the top of my license. This Michigan man could not be more excited to be a part of this residency program.
Primary Site: Concord Internal Medicine (Cabarrus)
Research Project:
Impact of Atrium Health’s Diabetes Value Sprint Initiative- Pharmacist-led medication management in patients with uncontrolled diabetes
Post-Residency Interests: Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist; Obtaining CPP, BCACP, and CDCES

Tyler Pasour, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pharmacy School: University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Why Atrium Health? The PGY1 Pharmacy Residency program in the ambulatory care setting at Atrium Health offers a variety of direct patient care experiences. This offers residency offers a multitude of rotations in the ambulatory care setting, which is unique for a PGY1 residency. Not only do residents obtain abundant ambulatory care experience, but we also gain experience in acute care, community, specialty, managed care and much more to make us well rounded practitioners. One of the more unique aspects of this residency is the ability to perform a prospective research project. With a prospective research project, you can see the results firsthand of all your hard work. For me, it is evident that everyone cares about my growth as a pharmacist by the way the preceptors and the resident director go above and beyond to ensure quality learning experiences that are solely dedicated to the residents. The residency program at Atrium is very flexible, and I was even able to create an elective learning experience to cater towards my interest of HIV and Hepatitis C. After completing this residency program, I know I will be a well-rounded and confident pharmacist and will be ready to pursue whatever lies ahead of me after residency
Primary Site: Kannapolis Internal Medicine 
Research Project:
Implementation of a workflow for patients using continuous glucose monitors 
Post-Residency Interests: Ambulatory Care, Practice Management, Academia; Obtaining CPP, BCACP, and CDCES