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2020-2021 Residents

Alyssa Linden

Undergraduate Institution: Duquesne University
Pharmacy School: Duquesne University School of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests: Oncology, Critical Care, Cardiology
Research Project: Pharmacist Intervention to Reduce Inappropriate IV Opioid Use in Medical Patients
Why Atrium Health Cabarrus? During my last year of pharmacy school, I knew I wanted to be a part of a progressive program that integrates the pharmacist into all aspects of patient care. Atrium Health Cabarrus does just that! There are a variety of rotations that cater to my interests. This will allow me to become a well-rounded pharmacist that both my patients and members of the interprofessional team can rely on. The mentors available at this institution are extremely supportive and are always willing to challenge and guide you. Ultimately, the department made me feel at home from the start. I am looking forward to a year of learning and growth!

Sonam Patel

Undergraduate Institution: University of Georgia
Pharmacy School: University of Georgia College of Pharmacy 
Clinical Interests: Internal Medicine, Critical Care
Research Project: Management of Anticoagulation in the Inpatient Setting: DOAC to Heparin Transition Strategy
Why Atrium Health Cabarrus? As a fourth-year pharmacy student, I was searching for a residency program that would allow me to build a strong clinical foundation in a challenging, yet supportive environment. Atrium Health Cabarrus fit this vision perfectly. The program offered a diverse array of core and elective rotations, which would help me grow into the well-rounded clinical pharmacist that I aimed to be. Due to my interests in Internal Medicine and Critical Care, I was particularly drawn to the program’s two Internal Medicine core rotations and various Critical Care electives. The opportunity provided by the program to co-precept pharmacy students also satisfied my interest in gaining teaching experience throughout the year. Above all, I appreciated the program’s commitment to a strong preceptor- resident relationship. I believe that this will be essential for my personal and professional development throughout residency and beyond. I am thankful to be completing my PGY-1 residency at Atrium Health Cabarrus, and I am looking forward to my time here.

Daniel Thompson

Undergraduate Institution: Wingate University
Pharmacy School:
Wingate University School of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests:
Oncology, Infections Disease, Cardiology
Research Project:
Current Practices of Perioperative Anticoagulant Holding in The Hospital Setting
Why Atrium Health Cabarrus?
I was inspired to pursue clinical pharmacy through a PGY1 residency while I was on rotations, here at Atrium Health Cabarrus, as a second-year pharmacy student. The preceptors here truly care about patient outcomes and serving their community. Additionally, the diverse patient population and rotation experiences available at Atrium Health Cabarrus offered the vast exposure I was looking for in a PGY1 program, while also offering goal specific rotations in my areas of interest. From my time here, it has been clear to me that Atrium Health Cabarrus offers an environment of learning that furthers the development of pharmacy, and a supportive culture that facilitates personal growth during the residency year.

Sebin Yang

Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Pharmacy School:
Wingate University School of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests:
Emergency Medicine, Toxicology
Research Project:
Utilization of fixed-dose K-centra versus standard dosing in emergent bleeds
Why Atrium Health Cabarrus?
By having the majority of my APPE rotations at Atrium Health Cabarrus, I realized that the pharmacy division at this institution has a significant role in patient care and a huge impact on patient outcomes and safety. In addition, the supportive environment within the pharmacy team and the willingness of the preceptors to mentor and educate strongly appealed to me. This ultimately guided me to pursuing a PGY-1 residency at Atrium Health Cabarrus. I appreciate the learning and staffing opportunities that this program has to offer. I am excited for my future experiences in emergency medicine and toxicology, which are my clinical interests! I firmly believe that the wealth of opportunities offered, including continuous education and research, will enable me to achieve my career goals.