Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency was born out of the extreme shortage of primary care providers in the county in the early 1990’s. Drs. Allen Dobson and Charles Rhodes, practicing at what was then Mt. Pleasant Family Physicians determined the best way to meet that need was to start training full scope family physicians. Dr. Dobson, then chair of Family Medicine, Dr. Rhodes and Lynn Hawkins our first program administrator partnered with the leadership at what was then Cabarrus Memorial Hospital and community leaders to gain approval for an innovative training model with the patient care experience at the foundation. They recruited Dr. Mark Robinson who shared their vision to train residents differently from the traditional model. These CFMR founders believed that the best way to prepare residents for full scope family medicine practice would be to train them in a real world setting alongside other practicing family physicians. Cabarrus Family Medicine physicians strive to always do what is right for the patient and their community. With faculty mentors providing this example, our residents are trained with a sense of empowerment and integrity in the care they provide. Because we have such a broad and varied patient base, residents become skilled clinicians by the time they graduate. Many have chosen to stay with Cabarrus Family Medicine after they graduate which is a testament to the bonds we form and the values we share. Train with us and experience the essence of family medicine.