Lusina Ambartsumyan, MD
Medical School: Rostov State Medical University
Undergraduate: Medical College, Russian Federation

Philosophy: “I am honored to be a doctor.  My mission as a physician is to provide the highest quality health care for my patients and their families. I believe in integrity, loyalty, dignity, and responsibility.
I treat my patients while keeping all these ideals in mind. I try to embrace the whole person. I believe each patient is a unique individual and his/hers best interest is my number one priority.  As a physician, I am privileged to be trustworthy and responsible for my patient’s well-being.


Rebecca Beesley, MD
Medical School: Wright State University 
Undergraduate: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Philosophy: "A physician should listen effectively, educate appropriately, and advocate passionately. As a family physician, I believe in providing comprehensive and compassionate care to all. By using a patient centered approach, individuals are empowered to take charge of their health and impact their care."


Casey Burnette, MD
Medical School: Florida State University
Undergraduate: Florida State University

Philosophy: "The practice of medicine is an opportunity to treat the whole person. A physician should promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being as well as advocate for the patient within the context of his or her family and community."


Adam Culver, MD
Medical School: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Undergraduate: Trinity University

Philosophy: “What an honor it is to be a family medicine physician!  I believe that health is the cornerstone upon which vibrant lives are built and it is my goal as a family physician to help patients make that foundation as solid as possible. Through establishing successful doctor-patient relationships we will help heal whole communities, one person at a time.”


Vishal Goyal, MD

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Undergraduate: Emory University

Philosophy: “I believe health is a state of physical, emotional, and social well-being. To achieve this often elusive goal, I try my best to carefully listen to my patients and apply my clinical training and evidence-based medicine to each individual's circumstances. I feel cultural, financial, and personal preferences are important to consider when developing a plan of care and I also enjoy discussing integrative approaches and lifestyle modification techniques to help supplement traditional medicine.  Grounded in a strong patient-physician partnership, my hope is to help my patients become as happy and healthy as possible.

Harkreader, Colleen.jpg

Colleen Harkreader, MD
Medical School: Wayne State University 
Undergraduate: University of Michigan

Philosophy: “I am honored to have the privilege of being a physician and I hope to be able to develop strong relationships with my patients so that I can provide the best possible medical care. I believe that working together is the best way to optimize health. ”


Elvira Jasarevic, DO
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Undergraduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Philosophy: "The greatest tools a physician can possess are strong listening skills and respect for their patients. My goals are to: listen attentively to you and your body, and provide you the appropriate treatment, while simultaneously respecting your body, your religious practices, and your health goals."

Kim Chung Pang, MD
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
Undergraduate: Long Island University

Philosophy: “Medicine makes new journeys for physicians and patients together. Physicians have the platform to make journeys for patients to be safe and enjoyable. That is underlying principle of medicine.”


Demetria Rawlinson, MD
Medical School: East Carolina University
Undergraduate: University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill 

Philosophy: “As a family physician, I believe it is important to build a trusting relationship with patients by listening and taking interest in them as a whole person and not just treating their disease. I aim to provide compassionate care and advocate for each of my patients by treating them as I would want my own family to be treated.”


Katie Trigonis, MD
Medical School: Virginia Tech Carilion
Undergraduate: University of Virginia 

Philosophy:“A family medicine physician over time becomes familiar with patients' overall health, personal circumstances, life philosophies, and what might make them laugh or smile.  I believe that such a relationship facilitates proper care and treatment for illness or injury, and collaboration with patients in developing an individualized strategy to help them stay well and live as long and fulfilling lives as possible.  I'm looking forward to meeting my patients and the challenge and opportunity of caring for them.”

Watson, Brittany.jpg

Brittany Watson, MD
Medical School: Medical College of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Clemson University 

Philosophy:“As a family physician, it is my goal to develop a collaborative relationship with my patients where we work together to achieve the best outcomes possible. Moving beyond the clinic and actively engaging in the community is essential in achieving this goal.”