Sulekha Abukar, MD
Medical School: University of Medicine & Health Sciences
Undergraduate:  University of Rochester

Philosophy: "To be a family physician in my hometown is both an honor and a privilege. My goal is to serve my community and provide the highest quality of care through compassion, respect and open communication. I will strive to provide excellent patient-centered care by treating each patient with the same attention I would give my loved ones."


Milele Bynum, MD
Medical School: University of North Carolina
Undergraduate: Duke University

Philosophy: Health is more than the absence of disease. It is a total sense of wellness that is a result of a complex array of medical, economic, social, and political factors. As a family physician, I will seek to help my patients focus on the medical and non-medical influences on their health. Most importantly, I will strive to equip my patients with the tools and knowledge necessary to be their own advocates for greater health.”


Brittney Cole, MD
Medical School: University of Illinois
Undergraduate: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Philosophy: "It is my honor to serve in partnership with my patients in promoting your health and well-being! I am committed to preserving the collective health of the family unit. In doing so, I hope to form a connection with each patient by understanding your individual health needs and goals in addition to a developing a lasting relationship with each of you."


Brandi Findley, DO
Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: West Virginia University

Philosophy: “As a physician, it is my mission not only to treat illness but also to promote a healthy lifestyle. Through education, I hope to empower patients to participate in their healthcare decisions and function as part of the healthcare team. Being a family physician affords me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with my patients and have a positive impact on their lives.”


Kelly Hemmings, MD
Medical School: University of North Carolina
Undergraduate: Appalachian State University

Philosophy: “It is such an honor to serve my community as a family physician. I am eager to get to know each of my patients by listening to their stories and getting to know their families. It is my goal to partner with patients to achieve their optimal physical, mental, social, and spiritual health. I will strive to be a source of encouragement and empowerment as we seek to build healthier individuals, families, and communities.


Kristen Kendrick, DO
Medical School: University of Pikeville
Undergraduate: University of Pikeville 

Philosophy: "A family physician takes willful ownership of a patient’s desire to feel well in any season of life!  We are responsible for utilizing medical, social, and educational aspects of practicing medicine to improve an individual’s quality of living, made possible by the long-term connections with those we serve."


Brittany Kenning, MD
Medical School: Saint Louis University
Undergraduate: University of Missouri

Philosophy: “As a physician, it is my duty to address the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing in the care of my patients, working as a team with both them and their families to create and execute the best plan of care possible. To treat the mind, body, and spirit of each patient is the greatest honor I could imagine, and I am profoundly appreciative for the ability to do so every day.”


Jacquelyne Murray, MD
Medical School: Southern Illinois University
Undergraduate: Loyola University Chicago

Philosophy: "Wellness is not simply the absence of disease.  It is a journey that we are on together to reach your health goals."


Daniel Tagge, MD
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Emory University

Philosophy: "My philosophy of medicine is that it should remain as humane as humanly possible. As technological advancement propels us forward at an ever increasing rate, I promise to not lose sight of the bigger picture. I aim to lead with love and compassion in my mission to heal pain and suffering, wherever it may be. My vision is to be a strong advocate for preventative and palliative healthcare as well as catalyst for change in the system."


Carmela Andrea Ver, MD
Medical School: University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio
Undergraduate: St. Mary’s University

Philosophy: “My belief as a family medicine physician is that I am an advocate, educator, and partner in my patients' journey towards a healthier future. I want to help my patients reach their goals while respecting their culture, religion, and personal convictions.”