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Katherine Akeley

Katherine Akeley, MD
University of South Florida College of Medicine
Why CMC? I had the opportunity to do an away rotation at CMC during my fourth year. I immediately knew this was the place for me. I had never met such an encouraging, hardworking, smart, and truly welcoming bunch. Between the people and the phenomenal training, I was confident I had found my home for the next four years.

Grant Blanchard

Grant Blanchard, MD
Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans
Why CMC? Finding a place where I felt I would fit in was the most important criterion for me when deciding on a residency program. I was impressed by what CMC had to offer as far as facilities, faculty, and learning opportunities, but more importantly, I had a gut feeling about the residents and Charlotte!

Bria Burris

Bria Burris, MD
University of South Carolina School of Medicine
Why CMC? CMC was my first interview on the interview trail and it set a great tone for the rest of the interview season. I enjoyed the enthusiasm of Dr. Boardman and the mixture of academics and community-style aspects of CMC. I left knowing that I would be trained as a competent and patient-centered OBGYN at CMC.

Kendall Parrott

Kendall Parrott, MD
University of South Carolina School of Medicine
Why CMC? On the interview day, the program felt like family where everyone cared about each other not only as learners, but also as people. The faculty and residents were welcoming and genuinely enjoyed each other's company. I could tell that the environment produced competent OBGYNs and that the faculty would support the residents to get where they wanted to go. Charlotte is a great city and I'm looking forward to living here!

Anna Raines

Anna Raines, MD
Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine
Why CMC? I chose CMC because I couldn't imagine myself being happy anywhere else. The residents are incredibly smart, driven, and skilled surgeons while also being some of the kindest and most fun people I've ever met. The faculty are also very supportive and foster a healthy learning environment, while pushing you to be better every day. I knew that CMC was a place where I could become the OBGYN I've always wanted to be.

Evan Schrader

Evan Schrader, MD
Florida State University College of Medicine
Why CMC? CMC was my number one choice for residency and I would proudly choose CMC number one again! From the very beginning of residency, I have felt very welcomed and supported by my fellow coresidents and attendings. CMC was also the right fit for me with how involved and hands on residents are. We are integrated into L&D and the GYN OR from the very first months of residency. So if you like operating and learning by doing, this is the place for you! I also was well-supported in my resident research endeavors in the gynecologic oncology division. I was able to present my research as an oral plenary at the Annual SGO conference at the end of my 2nd year, which was an opportunity of a lifetime! Just last year I also used my elective month to live and work in Quito, Ecuador on a global women's health initiative that, again, was a learning opportunity and life experience unmatched by any before, especially as a resident. After residency, I'm excited to move into private practice and to continue teaching as faculty at my medical school back in Florida. I have felt incredibly well-supported along every step of the way and am such a happy CMC OB/GYN resident!