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There is an increasing expectation for pediatricians to demonstrate excellent health outcomes for children. These requirements derive from many sources. For residents, these requirements come from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and include competencies of Practice-Based Learning and Improvement and Systems-Based Practice. Residents are dedicated and passionate about providing the best possible care for their patients. Unfortunately, the Quality Improvement (QI) methods needed to provide that care have not been broadly taught during pediatric training, therefore few residents have had experience practicing those methods.

The curriculum will provide you with well-researched and tested material to build your capacity to recognize, understand, and facilitate QI in healthcare. It will also provide a transferable knowledge base for your future practice. Download the Resident QI Curriculum Guide (PDF).

Specific goals for each year are:

Year One: Year One QI Curriculum (PDF)

  • Begin learning QI terminology, methodology and data through didactic lectures, web- based modules and required readings.
  • Conduct a Personal Improvement Project (PIP) and a Reflective Practice Project (RPP).
  • Learn about ongoing QI projects from presentations at departmental and  Levine Children's Hospital QI Forums.
  • Incorporate QI into daily work and utilize QI Coach.

Year Two: Year Two QI Curriculum

  • Continue QI methodology learning through didactic lectures, web-based modules and required readings.
  • Identify and utilize a QI faculty mentor.
  • Participate as an active team member on a current QI project or initiate your own project.
  • Learn from ongoing QI project presentations at Levine Children's Hospital QI Forums and departmental meetings.
  • Learn about sustainability of projects and/or participate in a project hand-off.

Year Three: Year Three QI Curriculum

  • Continue QI methodology learning through didactic lectures, web-based modules and required readings.
  • Participate as a resident champion (utilizing faculty mentor and QI Coach) on your existing QI project or identify a new QI project to champion.
  • Present your QI project at a Levine Children's Hospital QI Forum or other scholarly forum.
  • Hand off project and discuss sustainability.