Core Services

The Center for Advancing Pediatric Excellence will provide experiential learning to Levine Children's Hospital staff, faculty and trainees by integrating projects and training in our inpatient, outpatient, and community settings. We will also integrate all projects with outcomes research where applicable by including research design in the planning phase of many projects. Finally, we will collaborate and provide consultation for partners and others who can learn from our success. We will utilize principles of successful spread (e.g., focusing on "early adopters" first) in everything we do. We will also strive to utilize and build our internal resources rather than relying on consultants.

  • Quality Improvement (QI) Training:
    Will prepare our workforce for implementation of successful QI projects by teaching several key methods such as the Model for Improvement, Collaborative Learning, Office System Redesign and Systems Thinking
    • Staff and faculty
    • Residents and fellows
    • Medical, nursing and allied health students
  • QI Projects:
    Will address patient-centered, evidence-based, timely, efficient, equitable and safe outcomes in all of our clinical venues.
    • Projects
      • Implement best practices and evidence based care (e.g., using improvement bundles, Model for Improvement and Learning Collaboratives)
      • Address problems without known solutions (e.g., using Six Sigma, Model for Improvement)
      • Event/regulatory driven "rapid response projects" for issues that require immediate focus (e.g., change in Medicaid reimbursement related to performance)
    • Improvement Sustainability
      • hardwiring changes into system, ongoing data, accountability
  • Parent Involvement:
    Will collaborate with Levine Children's Hospital Family Advisory Group to create inpatient, outpatient, and unit parent advisory groups to serve as source of ideas for new projects and initiatives as well as assisting with project design.
  • Data Management, Analysis, and Feedback:
    Will provide data to all stakeholders in order to detect gaps in performance, drive improvement and allow us to disseminate what we learn to others
    • Project data
    • Data for research
  • Funding and Sustainability:
    Will assure an enduring financially viable infrastructure for improvement
    • Grant writing for projects and research (e.g., Duke Endowment, Atrium Health Foundation)
    • Business case analysis to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) related to all projects in order to secure funding from appropriate beneficiaries
    • Collaborate with Performance Improvement Department to obtain financial data
  • Strategic Planning, Prioritization, and Innovation:
    Will assure optimal use of the Levine Children's Hospital resources
  • Integration and Dissemination:
    Will facilitate learning and adoption across health system, state, nation, with a priority placed on spread within our health system
  • Local QI Project Assistance:
    Will provide Levine Children's Hospital faculty and staff access to QI and research resources to assist with their own projects

Strengthening Infrastructure

To optimize the success of quality improvement initiatives, Levine Children's Hospital sought grant funding for quality improvement data analyst support, project management, and project coaching. To date, we have received three foundation grants, funding data support and project management. In December 2008 we received a Duke Endowment Grant funding further quality improvement infrastructure support. As a result, we have hired a program manager, program coordinator, data coordinator and quality improvement coach.

  • Quality Infrastructure Includes:
    • The use of improvement science
    • The building QI capability
    • CME that includes both competence (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) and performance
    • Data collection and analysis
    • QI research
    • Post-graduate education
    • QI project development and management
    • Transparency
    • Communication tools