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The academic year,  March - February, is divided into two, 24-week segments. Students will either begin with Modified Blocks first or Longitudinal.

Modified Blocks: Students spend 23 weeks in Inpatient rotations in the following departments:

  • Surgery - 6 weeks
  • Medicine - 6 weeks
  • OB/GYN - 4 weeks
  • Peds - 4 weeks
  • Psychiatry - 3 weeks
  • Last week is the Pivot Week (OSCEs, Shelf exams, More EMR training)

Longitudinal: Outpatient rotations resemble TEC's Community Based Longitudinal Care. Students experience one-on-one precepting with outstanding community physicians. Self-directed time is built into the schedule to allow the opportunity to follow patients throughout the system. Biweekly shifts in the Emergency Department are also a part of the curriculum.