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Third Year Clerkships

Fourth Year Clerkships

UNC Fourth Year Course Descriptions

All fourth year courses offered at CMC

International Visiting Students

Clerkship Directors and Coordinators Contact Information

Emergency Medicine

Director: Emily MacNeill, MD
Coordinator: Anita Walker  | Phone: 704-355-3968

Family Medicine

Director: Michele Birch, MD
Coordinator: Felecia Lassiter | Phone: 704-304-7117

Outpatient Internal Medicine

Director: Iris Cheng, MD
Coordinators: Enid Stanford | Phone: 704-355-8368

Inpatient Internal Medicine

Director: Nicholas Young, MD
Coordinators: Enid Stanford | Phone: 704-355-8368

General Surgery


Director: Gaurav Sachdev, MD
Coordinator: Jon Beni | Phone: 704-446-6556
Sarah Bishop | Phone: 704-355-3509


Director: Jill Conway, MD
Coordinator: Tonya Wilson | Phone: 704-446-6556


Director: Susan Bliss, MD
Coordinator: Gina Davis | Phone: 704-355-3829


Director: Ameesh Shah, MD
Coordinator: Sierra Owens | Phone: 704-381-6804



Director: Rodney Villanueva, MD | Phone: 704-444-2322
Coordinator: Tonya Wilson | Phone: 704-446-5562