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Atrium Health Cabarrus offers a variety of classes to prepare you and your family for the birth of your child.

Registration is required for all class and tours. Class sizes are limited so register early. For more information on classes and tours, please call 704-403-1275 or email us.

Available classes

Prepared Childbirth ($60 for 2 people) *

These classes prepare you for childbirth, both physically and mentally. The classes include:

  • Signs of labor
  • Normal progress of labor and delivery
  • Relaxation methods and breathing patterns       
  • Tour of the Mariam Cannon Hayes Women's Center

The classes meet once a week for three weeks or as a one-day class on Saturday.

New Class: Mommy 101 (Free with Best Beginnings Bundle)

Learning to be a new mother can be challenging. In these classes, new moms will learn about:

  • Week 1: Emotional changes after childbirth, caring for yourself and your baby 
  • Week 2: Nutrition and fitness; how to make baby food
  • Week 3: Going back to work; breastfeeding Support; includes free weight check

Bring your baby and join other moms as we discuss the joys and challenges of motherhood. Sorry, Dads, this class is for moms only!

Breastfeeding Basics ($30 for 2 people) *

This class prepares families for a successful breastfeeding experience. We will discuss:

  • How milk is made
  • How to start breastfeeding
  • Nutrition tips for the breastfeeding mom
  • How to breastfeed for as long as you wish

Take this class before delivery and bring your support person with you.

Taking Care of Baby ($10 for 2 people) *

This class will help you learn how to care for your newborn. You will learn:

  • Normal growth of babies
  • How to comfort your crying baby
  • Basic baby care, like bathing, diaper changing and safe sleeping practices

Infant Safety ($10 for 2 people) *

Getting your home ready for a new baby can be such a joy. In this class, you will learn:

  • How to create a safe home for your baby
  • Car seat safety
  • Review of Infant CPR

Boot Camp for New Dads ($15)

This class is for first-time fathers, taught by experienced fathers. New dads will:

  • Interact with other new dads
  • Gain confidence about bringing a new baby home
  • Learn baby care and fatherhood
  • Learn the needs of new mothers and families.

This class is open to new dads only. No moms allowed!

Maternity Tour (Free)

During this free tour you and your family may ask questions while visiting the newly renovated Mariam Cannon Hayes Women’s Center. If you are bringing children with you, we suggest that you do this tour close to your due date.

Sibling Class 

This class is for soon-to-be siblings between the ages of 3 and 10. In this one hour class they will discuss:

  • Becoming a new sibling
  • Helping with the new baby
  • Preparing for their new sibling

Bring a small stuffed animal or doll to class. The class includes a tour of Mariam Cannon Hayes Women’s Center.

Infant Massage (Free with Best Beginnings Bundle)

Massage helps your baby relax, grow and sleep better. Join us when your baby is between newborn and twelve months to learn infant massage and bond with other new moms.

*These 4 classes qualify for our Best Beginnings Bundle. Choose any 3 of these classes for $75.