Bonding with Baby

When your little one is spending time in our Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery (NICN), it can be a scary and stressful time. The team at Levine Children’s Hospital is committed to helping you – the parents – be with your baby as much as you can. While our doors are open to you most of the day and night, there will be times when it isn’t possible for you to be physically present. But, thanks to the generosity of Children's Miracle Network and the Cottie & Cake Foundation, a new virtual system will now allow you to check in on your baby, from wherever you are.

Levine Children's Hospital provides a secure, private webcam system, installed at each infant’s bedside, to offer you secure, real-time video of your baby when you can’t be at the hospital. We recognize that any time spent away from your new baby is difficult, and many of our parents make the trip to the hospital multiple times a day. But, at night, when you have to be at work, or times you can’t be here in person, we hope this option will give you peace of mind while your baby gets well.

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