When your child is facing cancer or a blood disorder, they need more than just the best medical treatments – they need comprehensive care for all aspects of their physical and behavioral health. At Atrium Health Levine Children’s, we offer a wide range of supportive services to help kids and their families stay as strong and healthy as possible, during and after treatment.

Supportive services at Levine Children’s

  • Child life specialists, who help kids and families cope with the stress and emotions that go along with a serious illness. Our child life specialists help kids understand medical procedures, teach parents about their child’s illness and support families in many other ways.
  • Pediatric psychologists, who help children and their families address the behavioral and emotional sides of treatment and recovery. Our pediatric psychologists have years of experience helping families learn positive coping skills and ways to manage their physical condition.
  • Clinical social workers, who assess how illnesses affect a family’s life and help families get the resources they need. These resources include everything from psychological counseling, to financial assistance, to helping find transportation to and from the hospital.
  • Dietitians, who help children know what to eat and how to follow a healthy diet during treatment and beyond.
  • Integrative medicine, including Reiki, art therapy and more.
  • Rehabilitation services, which help kids get back on their feet after an illness. We offer one of the Carolinas’ only inpatient pediatric rehabilitation facilities, where kids recover, heal and get stronger.
  • School support, including tutors and licensed teachers who help children keep up with homework when they miss school. We also help families get back on track if their child’s schoolwork suffers.
  • Spiritual support, including chaplains and other resources to help families stay grounded and strong.
  • Support groups, connecting children and parents with families who have faced similar illnesses. This helps you get support and insight from people who know what you’re going through.
  • Other activities and resources, such as playrooms and recreation spaces, a family kitchen area, a family resource library and more.

To learn more about supportive services for children with cancer and blood disorders at Levine Children’s, contact us at 704-381-9900.